Monday, 27 July 2015

Flaring the Little Red Dress

I seen a lot photograph in the world wide web showing awesome dress flying around along with an awesome model. If that is the case, I can create one of such work too and this photoshoot will be the one featuring one tiny red dress. Model of the day will be Chooi Sean which also work with me in Dying Art : Silence and The Big Sea. We were planing for a photoshoot and in middle of getting idea and inspiration, she told me she got an awesome red dress that can fly. A red dress that can fly, how awesome is that. If that is the case,why not. Lets bring it out and let it flare. The idea of the photoshoot is from those flying dress photo I had seen in the web. Other then that, the other Idea will also be the flying dress of Marilyn Monroe. That epic photo of flying dress which is one of her iconic pose. That is one powerful pose as well. Next, I also would like to create a soft and high key photo in middle of the forest to create a powerful impact. Lastly, I will also add in my own taste and idea to make it more fun and interesting. So let flare that little red dress in every style we can. The photoshoot is shot with Fuji X-E1 with Fujinon 23mm 1.4 along with Yong Nuo 560. Enjoy.


So that is the end of this photoshoot.
This photoshoot was fun and also funny.
Of course big thanks to Chooi Sean for this awesome photoshoot.
Let the flare continue.

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